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Best Shuttle Nairobi Arusha
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best shuttle nairobi arusha

best shuttle nairobi arusha, private transfer from nairobi to arusha.

Nairobi moshi luxury shuttle bus Best  nairobi nairobi, kenya.
Marangu coach contacts arusha bus station nairobi to dar es salaam bus. arusha express bus.

Hotels Pick ups & Drop offs best

Nairobi arusha Moshi  bus transfers Nairobi JKIA Arusha Moshi Marangu WE do pick from city hotels 680 among others city hotels.

Silver springs laico regency, hotel boulevard.

The Boma BEST WESTERN Plus Meridian Hotel. kahama hotel to arusha.

Private Luxury bus Moshi Marangu Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Impala hotel Mezzaluna.

Along simeon road picasso restaurant / kijenge supermarket round about Kilimanjaro jkia transfers.

impala luxury is a company based in Arusha Picasso Restaurant. Offer  bus services between Arusha, Moshi, Marangu Hotel , private car hire transfers Nairobi.

Our Shuttles – best

We have two daily shuttle departures at 0730Hrs and 1330Hrs departing.

Moshi and Marangu Hotel and also a daily bus to  Jkia airport.

Simultaneously. Mode of transport is a 9 passenger shuttle bus / 25 passenger shuttle bus/ 28 passenger bus/ 40 passanger shuttle bus.

Which is airconditioned, well maintained, driven by competent and experienced English speaking tour drivers. Due to our experience in East Africa.

Bus service between Moshi, Jomo Kenyatta Airport and Kilimanjaro International Airport. impala Bus.

Airport – Arusha – Moshi Kilimanjaro Marangu pick-up or drop-off is available as a complementary.

However it is best to wait in the Paul Cafe/Restaurant upon arrival at jkia our staff will pick you right there.

private transfer Marangu nairobi to arusha to Arusha Moshi Luxury shuttle bus service between Moshi nairobi jkia.impala shuttle contacts.

Africa Luxury shuttle bus for-Nairobi jkia-Namanga-Arusha-Moshi and Marangu via Kilimanjaro Airport Daily bus service

Travel in total comfort and luxury between Nairobi Kenya via Jkia/Namanga Arusha,Moshi,and Marangu in Tanzania at a fraction of the price of an air ticket with luxury shuttle bus services.

Our air conditioned shuttles are fully equipped with posh seats and the necessary facilities on board designed to give you a pleasant journey all the way.

Choose from single or double seats and two different departure times to suit your travelling preference.BOOK NOW!

AA Luxury Shuttle Bus is a leading transport shuttle company which operates across Kenya and Tanzania via namanga border, it covers a large variety of destinations this includes Nairobi city, Jommo Kenyatta international Airport Namanga border, Arusha town,moshi, Killimanjaro Airport, and finally marangu hotel BOOK NOW

Travel in comfort, affordable air conditioned bus in style. Luxury Shuttle Bus also provides JKIA transfers to and from various points e.g Hotels in Nairobi,Arusha and Moshi with competitive rates. AA Luxury Shuttle Bus has a fleet of coaches/vans ranging from 8 seater bus, 9 seater bus,22 seater bus , 25 seater and 33 seater bus.

Nairobi Main pick up and Drop off points :
All Africa luxury shuttles picks up at the following locations

-Norfolk hotel, Mayfair hotel, Hilton hotel, Hotel fairview,Panafric hotel,Stanely hotel, Intercontinental hotel, Hotel Boulvard, Silver spring hotel and many more within the city.BOOK NOW

1.We depart from the Silver springs to parkside hotel along Monrovia street near Kenya comfort Hotel also on arrival of the shuttle from Tanzania to Nairobi Kenya we drop off at the locations mentioned above. BOOK NOW

Arusha Tanzania Main pick up location and Drop off points
We pick our clients from the following Hotels.

77Hotel, hotel,Palison hotel,Ymca hotel,Hotel monor,Arusha hotel,Arusha tourist Inn, Annex per night hotel, Aquiline hotel, City link hotel, Meru inn in Arusha , we depart from Mezaluna hotel and also drop at the above mentioned now.BOOK NOW

Moshi Main pick up location and Drop off points
In moshi pick and drop off points, zebra hotel,Buffalo hotel,Leopard hotel,On Keys hotel, impala hotel spring land hotel.On request we can also pick up at the requested location within Moshi kilimanjaro town.BOOK NOW!

Arusha – Kilimanjaro – MoshiMarangu Private Shuttle transfer

Best Shuttle Nairobi Arusha