Namanga Border

Temporary Permit Application Process

A temporary permit is a travel document valid for one year and issued to people to enable them to travel for example from Kenya to Tanzania or within the East-Africa region. Kenyans (Adults and Children) wishing to travel within East African countries are eligible to make the application. In addition to the ordinary passport, Kenyans traveling to EAC Partner states can also present a Temporary Permit (TP) for processing for departure. Impala Shuttle does trips from Kenya to Tanzania and a temporary permit can be used to cross the Namanga border.

Application Steps

  1. The first step is to register for an e-citizen account
  2. Fill in your personal information so to register for an eCitizen account. This includes your Passport number, Name, Email address, and nationality to complete the registration.
  3. Pay prescribed fee
  4. Print two (2) copies of the duly completed application form and two invoices
  5. Attached are copies of the required documents
  6. Submit at the nearest Immigration office (for the Airport) or at the point of entry/exit

Required Documents that go together with a Temporary Permit

  1. Original national identification card and its photocopy (for Adults)
  2. Birth Certificate and its copy for those under 18 years (for children)
  3. Two colored passport-sized photos
  4. Two copies of e-Citizen payment invoice
  5. Two copies of the temporary permit application.

Important Information about Temporary Permit Application

  • All incomplete applications will be rejected.
  • The processing fee is non-refundable.
  • Providing false information is an offence and will make your temporary permit invalid.
  • Engaging in any form of business or employment without a requisite permit or pass is an offence.
  • In the event of lapse during payment please do not re-apply, contact eCitizen

Whenever you need to travel to Tanzania from Kenya and do not have a passport, worry not. You can always opt for a temporary permit. Our drivers at Impala Shuttles or the office staff can help you or guide you through the application. Make sure you make a copy of the permit and also have your original Identification Card with you.


How to get from Nairobi to Arusha(Tanzania) By Bus

You can travel from Nairobi to Arusha and back by bus pretty easily, all you need to do is book in advance!  There are several companies that provide Kenya-Tanzania transfer services but Impala Shuttles is one of the best and offers the transfer at a very affordable rate. At only $25, you get picked at the airport or your city hotel and get transferred to Arusha and Moshi at no extra charge!

Finding the Bus Station Departure Point

The Impala Buses leave when full or not full depending with the number of bookings that day from the the city centre in Nairobi. The place is very safe to walk alone if your hotel is close by. The best thing about the buses is that they do not wait to get full so that they can depart. We go with time, our buses are scheduled. whether full or not, the buses will leave at exactly 8:00am in the morning and another departure at 2:00pm.

The maximum luggage allowed per person in the bus is not more than 40kgs. We carry luggage on top of the bus where there is carrier and wrapped well with canvas where even if it rains, no water can reach your luggage.

The Price

The price from Nairobi to Arusha is $25 and to Moshi is $30. The same applies from Arusha to Nairobi and Moshi to Nairobi. The prices do not change with seasons, they remain constant for long period of time before they change and if that happens, the clients are notified and given a reason as to why the prices went up. The bus stop at some few kilometers from the border for visiting the washroom and having some breakfast or snacks. The Namanga border is also straight forward. It is a one-stop border post, meaning goods, people and vehicles stop in a single facility in which they undergo necessary controls following applicable regional and national laws to exit one State and enter the adjoining State.

Arrival time in Arusha and Moshi

The Nairobi Arusha Buses arrive in Arusha at 2:00pm and in Moshi at 4:00pm. The drivers are very helpful and assist clients in clearing at Namanga border. If your hotel is not far from the office or within the city centre, you get a free transfer. If you hotel is out of the city centre, we assist getting a taxi or an Uber to your hotel.

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Best Bus Companies

Buses are a great means of transport throughout Kenya and Tanzania.  With many benefits and only a few shortcomings, Best Bus Companies for Travel across Kenya Tanzania

They’re an affordable and reliable option to get you from point A to B on this massive continent. 

Navigating the bus system isn’t without its share of challenges for foreigners though.  

This guide sums up everything about bus travel in East Africa Mainly Kenya and Tanzania.

Bus Travel in Kenya and Tanzania: How Does It Stack Up?


Long-distance distance bus services in Kenya to Tanzania and vice versa are generally very reliable.  

If the bus says it will run at a certain time, it almost always does. Most bus companies for example Impala Shuttles

departs Kenya at 8:00 am destined for Tanzania and also have an afternoon bus to the same destination.

When a bus departs Kenya, another bust departs Tanzania in Arusha and Moshi almost at the same time headed to Kenya.


Bus travel is undoubtedly one of the cheapest methods of transport on the continent.

Alternatives are available but few offer the benefits of bus travel. Best Bus Companies Hitching a ride is always an option but with potential safety issues. 

Air travel can be expensive unless it’s booked well in advance which most people would not want to do, in favor of having a more flexible schedule.

With all of this taken into account, buses are easily the most cost-effective mode of transport that offer both safety and reliability.

Cost from Nairobi in Kenya to Arusha in Tanzania normally goes for $25 while from Nairobi to Moshi in Tanzania goes for $30 and vice versa.

The prices may vary but may not go higher than $35. Best Bus Companies Most companies have online booking platforms where you can do you booking using a card and we find that very much reliable.

Other modes of payment like Cash and bank transfers are also accepted.


With a range of seats available on most long-distance buses, you’ll likely find a comfortable spot to sit.  

Generally, Impala Shuttle bus seats are more comfortable than those found on airlines and as you’ll periodically have breaks to get up and stretch your legs, you won’t spend the entire time sitting down.

Seat Selection:  Where Should I Sit and How Much Will it Cost?

In general, the seats within each bus will offer the same pitch and amount of legroom regardless of their location.  

The buses offer free sitting but if you arrive at the departure point early enough, you’ll be able to get the seat of your choice.

Keep in mind that the seats at the back of the bus are likely to be the most secure (as nobody will be able to reach under your seat to your day bag.

Bus Facilities: What Can I Expect?

Most buses throughout Kenya and Tanzania are equipped with an attendant that will help organize your baggage but will not depart with you,

you’ll only have the driver on the way. A few of the buses have TVs and are equipped with radios that play soft cool music on the way.

There is normally a stopover point a few kilometers before you reach the Kenya-Tanzania border where you can visit a bathroom and have some food or snacks if you like.

How Safe are Buses in East Africa?

Though we’d heard horror stories about people having their carry-on bags stolen and buses being held up during the night,

These cases are few when it comes to these shuttle buses that do Kenya Tanzania route.

Mostly when a client leaves something behind in these buses, the office collects and holds it in the office until it is collected,

They also do a follow-up to find the owner, isn’t that awesome and caring?

Safety Tips:

With that said, it doesn’t hurt to take a few precautions when traveling through East Africa by coach.

  • Carry valuable items in your day bag and keep it with you in the cabin of the bus.  Don’t place this bag on the floor (unless the person behind you cannot access this space) or in the storage areas.  As the seats are fairly wide, it’s easy to place your bag beside you until you scope everything out.
  • If you’re traveling through an area with known safety issues, try to avoid night buses Best Bus Companies.  
  • Be mindful of your clothes and appearance. We intentionally left our nicer clothes and jewelry at home to avoid putting targets on our backs when traveling around, especially whilst in cities and at bus stations – it’s good practice in general.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, especially whilst at bus stations when it’s dark out.

Supplies: What Should I Take Aboard? Best Bus Companies

Though buses will often stop briefly to let people on and off (which generally gives passengers a few minutes to pick up snacks) and may provide set meal break stops, it’s best to take everything you’ll need onboard with you. 

We recommend you take the following supplies onboard: Best Bus Companies

  • Snacks
  • Neck Pillow
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Correct Passport, a yellow fever card, and Proof of COVID-19 vaccination for border crossings

Baggage: What Can I Take With Me?

Baggage allowances vary from company to company. Each person should have two bags not exceeding 20kgs each, any extra bags attract some $5.

Although this should not worry you, the companies sometimes decide to carry the bags for free if you are traveling with them.

Booking Tickets for Best Bus Companies

Best Bus Companies Booking Online

The best way to book buses online in Kenya and Tanzania is to purchase tickets directly with the bus company. 

You can use the following companies though the ease in which you can book online varies: 

Booking in Person – Best Bus Companies (Impala Shuttle)

If your English or Swahili is up to the task or you’re lucky enough to come across an agent who can speak your Language, booking in person is a great option at Impala Shuttle.  

If you do decide to book in person, we recommend getting to the station a day or two earlier to ensure you get the time and seat of your preference.


Shuttles Marangu

  Bus to Marangu from Nairobi

Impala Shuttle offers the best in private Nairobi to Marangu transportation.

With a full meet & greet service, child seats upon request at a fee and direct door to door transfers and customizable itinerary, we make getting from Nairobi to Marangu an easy, comfortable and enjoyable journey.
Marangu is about a 6 hour ride from Nairobi. We offer direct private transfer services or you are welcome to customize your Marangu transfer to include stops for a Moshi tour or along the way on route to or from Marangu.

The Impala Shuttle from Nairobi to Marangu is the quickest and most hassle-free way to travel quickly between Nairobi Kenya and Marangu. Our bus service between the 2 places takes you directly from Nairobi station along Monrovia street to Marangu in Kilimanjaro region (or vice versa). For this route, only private transfers are advised.

Here’s why people choose Impala Shuttle Marangu Bus:

Easy Booking

Reserve seats online quickly and easily. Call our office 7 days a week at +254 727 377 771 to reserve your trip. Our Bus from Nairobi to Marangu sells out frequently. To book your trip between Nairobi and Marangu, click here!

Guaranteed Prices (Private Transfer)

For a 21-seater bus the prices are $400 one way or $800 round trip Bus to Marangu from Nairobi.

Easy Changes

Once you make the reservation, you’ve got unlimited free changes to your departure up to 8 hours prior. The advantages of a private transfer to Marangu is you choose your pick up time as well as location.

Reliable Shuttle Marangu

Impala Shuttle is the #1 recommended bus company serving Nairobi and Marangu. Kilimanjaro and Nairobi locals know they can trust us to be there, on time, in the worst conditions, and to get them to their destination safely.

Group Discounts

We offer discounts to groups that book more than one 21-seater bus to Marangu.  Give our office a call to find out more about these special offers!

Ride in style with Impala Shuttle!

We strive every day to improve our transportation services to make our clients’ events a success. Only a handful number of companies in Kenya and Tanzania are able serve this way. Isn’t it true that the journey happens to be more interesting than the destination? It is the reason that we prioritize transforming our clients’ journeys into the most memorable ones so that they can cherish their memories for a long time to come.

We have a style to ride on the road as we always make sure to add contemporary, clean, eco-friendly, and meticulously maintained vehicles to our fleet. To guarantee safety along with comfort, we hire licensed and insured drivers after the necessary background checks.

It is due to the convenient and cost-effective transportation solutions that we not only attract new customers but retains the older ones as well. We get satisfied when you choose Impala Shuttle as your service provider. We also welcome your suggestions to improve our services.

Impala Shuttle offers semi-luxury and luxury buses to travel around Kenya and Tanzania.
Be it local visitors or international ones, most people prefer to travel by bus these days. If you are touring with a group of friends or family or planning for a team-building event, the bus is an ideal transportation method to travel and make memories together.

Nairobi Namanga arusha shuttle

Nairobi Namanga arusha shuttle

Nairobi Namanga arusha shuttle | Impala shuttle luxury bus picks up the following locations

-Norfolk hotel, Mayfair hotel, Hilton hotel, Hotel fairview,Panafric hotel,Stanely hotel, Intercontinental hotel, Hotel Boulvard and many more within the city.

Best Western Meridian, Tulip Hotel, INKS hotel, Decasa Hotel, Clarion Hotel, Easy Hotel, Airport View Hotel
67 Hotel, Khweza Hotel, Nairobi Safari club. Nairobi Namanga arusha shuttle.

1.We depart from the parkside hotel along Monrovia street near Kenya comfort Hotel also on arrival of the shuttle from Tanzania to Nairobi Kenya we drop off at the locations mentioned above.

Arusha Tanzania Main pick up location and Drop off points

We pick our clients from the following Hotels.

77 Hotel, hotel,Palison hotel,Ymca hotel,Hotel monor,Arusha hotel,Arusha tourist Inn, Annex per night hotel, Aquiline hotel, City link hotel, Meru inn in Arusha , we depart from Mezaluna hotel and also drop at the above mentioned locations. Moshi Main pick up location and Drop off points

In moshi pick and drop off points, zebra hotel,Buffalo hotel,Leopard hotel,On Keys hotel,spring land hotel.On request we can also pick up at the requested location within Moshi town.
Marangu hotel

Marangu Hotel is our main destination for impala shuttle luxury bus. This hotel is situated on the slope of Kilimanjaro, Nairobi Namanga arusha shuttle from Marangu hotel you can view the mountain with it’s large peaks of ice capped kibo rocky Mawenzi the oldest pick on the mountain, shira is much smaller and heavy erroded .

It’s remains are the best views when climbing Via Machame routes shuttles transfers. BOOK NOW!

Kenya- Tanzania Namanga border( Visa)

The Namanga border when travellling by road between Nairobi Arusha you cross Namanga border which is between Kenya & Tanzania.If you do not have the visa you will have to apply at the border.The price vary depending on the country. impala luxury shuttle will assit you in getting the forms.

After your passport has been stamped we will proceed with our trip to Arusha where we shall have a stop over for 30 mins then Proceed to Moshi finally Marangu Hotel. On request we can drop you at Kilimanjaro airport shuttles for a small fee.


Arusha – Kilimanjaro – Moshi – Marangu Private Shuttle transfer

Nairobi Namanga arusha shuttle

Impala shuttles bus services


private shuttle arusha nairobi

private shuttle arusha nairobi

private shuttle arusha nairobi

Impala shuttles we offer private shuttles transfers for large groups or individuals we do pick at door steps central point.

TRIP From Nairobi Arusha Moshi and Marangu

Shuttles leave from both Arusha and Nairobi at 08.00 hours and 14.00 hours each day. Though the trip on the Tanzania side of the border is shorter at 110 kilometers and the shuttle bus takes one and half hours.

state of the road is good Generally it takes two hours (170kms)from the Kenyan side ,You will also stop on the Kenya side.

Not too far from the border. This rest stop gives you a chance to answer the call of nature, buy a cool drink and look at some last minute (or first minute) gifts.

The time spent at Namanga can depend on the number of people on the bus and how strict customs and immigration officials are. Also, if a few fellow passengers are without visas things might go slower.

The service includes a pick up or drops off at any of the major hotels(Hotels served in Nairobi includes:

Grand Regency Hotel, Boulevard Hotel, Fairview Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Meridian Court Hotel, YWCA, New Stanley Hotel, Norfolk Hotel, Serena hotel, Landmark Hotel, casino, six eighty hotel).

in Arusha, Nairobi or Moshi.

Arusha, Nairobi or Moshi,scheduled shuttle bus daily from Nairobi Arusha shuttle bus, arusha , Nairobi moshi shuttle bus, Nairobi Marangu shuttle bus.

Nairobi- Namanga,;Nairobi – Arusha / Arusha- Nairobi (jkia), Nairobi – Moshi / Moshi – Nairobi (jkia), Nairobi – KIA (Kilimanjaro Airport), JKIA – Nairobi.

Kilimanjaro Airport Transfers to Arusha by taxi and shuttle. Nairobi – Arusha – Moshi – Marangu-Kilimanjaro shuttle bus Transfers.

Kilimanjaro Airport transfers provides you a simple 24hr step-by-step best transfer booking process with online payments that allow you 100% accurate prices for private taxi.

private minivan, private minibus, private shuttle, private bus.

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