How to get from Nairobi to Arusha(Tanzania) By Bus

You can travel from Nairobi to Arusha and back by bus pretty easily, all you need to do is book in advance!  There are several companies that provide Kenya-Tanzania transfer services but Impala Shuttles is one of the best and offers the transfer at a very affordable rate. At only $25, you get picked at the airport or your city hotel and get transferred to Arusha and Moshi at no extra charge!

Finding the Bus Station Departure Point

The Impala Buses leave when full or not full depending with the number of bookings that day from the the city centre in Nairobi. The place is very safe to walk alone if your hotel is close by. The best thing about the buses is that they do not wait to get full so that they can depart. We go with time, our buses are scheduled. whether full or not, the buses will leave at exactly 8:00am in the morning and another departure at 2:00pm.

The maximum luggage allowed per person in the bus is not more than 40kgs. We carry luggage on top of the bus where there is carrier and wrapped well with canvas where even if it rains, no water can reach your luggage.

The Price

The price from Nairobi to Arusha is $25 and to Moshi is $30. The same applies from Arusha to Nairobi and Moshi to Nairobi. The prices do not change with seasons, they remain constant for long period of time before they change and if that happens, the clients are notified and given a reason as to why the prices went up. The bus stop at some few kilometers from the border for visiting the washroom and having some breakfast or snacks. The Namanga border is also straight forward. It is a one-stop border post, meaning goods, people and vehicles stop in a single facility in which they undergo necessary controls following applicable regional and national laws to exit one State and enter the adjoining State.

Arrival time in Arusha and Moshi

The Nairobi Arusha Buses arrive in Arusha at 2:00pm and in Moshi at 4:00pm. The drivers are very helpful and assist clients in clearing at Namanga border. If your hotel is not far from the office or within the city centre, you get a free transfer. If you hotel is out of the city centre, we assist getting a taxi or an Uber to your hotel.

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