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How to purchase a Train ticket:

  • Access
  • Select the Train you want to travel with, Inter-County for the 8am train and Express for the 3.00pm and 10.00pm train
  • Select your departure and destination locations
  • Select your preferred departure date
  • Add the message you want and send

We will send you a message letting you know if there is availability, if there are any seats available for the selected time and date of travel, we will get back to you requesting for details required for booking and reservations:

You can select the number of seats you want and the couch, First Class or Second Class. Next, we will get your details, including your name, ID/Passport number, gender and Nationality.

Like I mentioned earlier, the online booking platform does not allow you to select your preferred seat, so keep the M-Pesa message safe as you will need the account number to print your ticket at the terminus on the day of travel, which means you should be there well over an hour before the set travel time or we can print the ticket on your behalf and bring it to you.

Booking your SGR ticketsfrom Nairobi to Mombasa in advance is a great idea – for a number of reasons:

  1. SGR tickets often sell out, so you’ll have a guaranteed seat. 
  2. The natural scenery of central Kenya is stunning.
  3. SGR train fares are considerably cheaper than flights.
  4. It’s the more environmentally-friendly option. 

The old Nairobi to Mombasa train (affectionately known as the ‘Lunatic Express’), claimed to take 10 hours from Nairobi to the coast. Between breakdowns, missing conductors, and errant cows on the tracks, it was usually closer to 19. 

The SGR train, however, takes only 5 hours and departs as stated, arrives on time, and doesn’t seem to suffer from animals on the tracks.

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Quick SGR Tips

  • The SGR timetable is the same every day of the week and runs 7 days a week.
  • You can only pay for the SGR via MPESA mobile money (there are currently no apps). 
  • The Nairobi Terminus is a 20-30 minutes drive outside the city centre.
  • It can take another 20-30 minutes to get through security and check-in at Nairobi Terminus..

Nairobi-Mombasa SGR Timetable 2021

The SGR schedule doesn’t change. The Express and Inter-County trains run in both directions every day of the week. 

Nairobi To Mombasa

Inter-County Train8:00 am2:00 pm
Express Train3:00 pm8:08 pm
Express Train10:00 pm03:35 am

Mombasa To Nairobi

Inter-County Train8:00 am2:15pm
Express Train3:00 pm8:15pm
Express Train10:00 pm03:35 am

Nairobi-Mombasa SGR Prices 2021

The SGR fares from Nairobi to Mombasa are the same on both the Express and Inter-County trains.

Ticket Type1st Class2nd Class
Adult single-ticket3,000 +1000 kshs1000 + 1000 ksh
Children between 3-11yrs old: 1,500 +500 kshs500+ 500 ksh
Children below 3FreeFree

SGR Online Booking

You can book return tickets with us.

You can book the SGR Here

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