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Nairobiarusha shuttle silver springs. Departure date time 2 shuttles dailly 7000hrs and 1400hrs daily scheduled shuttle.

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Arusha impala hotel contact details, private to impala Hotel service between Nairobi Namanga Arusha Moshi Marangu shuttle bus daily Jomo Kenyatta Airport(JKIA) and Kilimanjaro International Airport(KIA)shuttle bus Services.

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Jomo Kenyatta Airport and Kilimanjaro International Airport Nairobi, Arusha, Moshi, Kilimanjaro and privare transfers Nairobi airport  – Kilimanjaro Airport- Arusha- Nairobi.

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Travel in comfort affordable air conditioned bus in style.  impala Luxury Shuttle Bus also provides JKIA transfers to and from various points.  e.g Hotels in Nairobi, Arusha and Moshi with competitive rates.  impala Luxury Shuttle Bus has a fleet of:-  coaches vans ranging from 8 seater bus, 9 seater bus,22 seater bus , 25 seater and 33 seater bus. BOOK NOW.

We operate from Nairobi, Arusha, Moshi and Kilimanjaro. We are private company offering  transfer services and private car hire transfers from Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (Kenya) – Namanga (border, Kenya – Tanzania) – Arusha (Tanzania ) – Moshi – Marangu Hotel and Kilimanjaro, With a daily shuttle services. We have two daily shuttle departures at 0800Hrs and 1400Hrs departing Nairobi, Arusha and Moshi simultaneously. Mode of transport is a 9 passenger shuttle bus and 25 passenger shuttle bus which are air-conditioned, well maintained, driven by hand picked experienced English speaking tour drivers.

Kenya -Tanzania marangu hotels transfer services via namanga border, private shuttles transfers to Kilimanjaro from airport JKIA and city centre hotels –  from Nairobi to  Hotels to Jomo Kenyatta Airport and Kilimanjaro International Airport

If Travelling to Arusha Tanzania or Moshi Home Of Kilimanjaro and Need a private Transfer we offer the Most budget,competative and reliable services from Nairobi Hotels ,Nairobi Aiport JKIA or from Namanga Border to Arusha or Moshi Towns

If you are arriving later than normal shuttle times you need to Worry we will offer you a realiable transfer service and get to schedule on time.

With experience of over 10 years on Nairobi Namanga Arusha Moshi Transport we offer you reliablity and professional service on your Visit,travel to East Africa