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nairobi arusha shuttle bus transfers

Nairobi Arusha Moshi Kilimanjaro shuttle bus service between Nairobi, Arusha Shuttle Bus Transfer Nairobi Arusha Moshi Marangu Daily services via Namanga services from Nairobi Hotels ,Nairobi Aiport JKIA or from Namanga Border to Kenya Tanzania road transport, nairobi-arusha-shuttle-bus-transfers. Daily scheduded shuttle bus, Daily scheduded shuttle bus service from Nairobi Hotels ,Jomo kenyatta Airport,Namanga, Arusha, Moshi, Marangu and Kilimanjaro International Airport BOOK NOW

Nairobi- Namanga- Arusha- Moshi- Marangu Shuttle Services

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Nairobi jkia shuttle bus transfers

Impala shuttle bus Travel with comfort for your Nairobi arusha moshi marangu by road trip. nairobi-arusha-shuttle-bus-transfers.

From To Departure time Arrival Time Amount in USD Reservations
Nairobi Arusha 0800 hrs 13.30hrs 30USD RESERVE NOW!
Nairobi Moshi 0800 hrs 1500hrs 35USD RESERVE NOW!
Arusha Nairobi 1400hrs 1900hrs 30USD RESERVE NOW!
Arusha Moshi 1400hrs 1500hrs 15USD RESERVE NOW!
Moshi Nairobi 6.30am 1400hrs 35USD RESERVE NOW!
Moshi Arusha 1100hrs 13.30hrs 15USD RESERVE NOW!
Nairobi Arusha 1400hrs 1900hrs 30USD RESERVE NOW!
Nairobi Marangu 0800 hrs 17.30hrs 80USD RESERVE NOW!
Marangu Nairobi 0500hrs 1400hrs 80USD RESERVE NOW!

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Impala Shuttle Rates



One way ($)

Return Ticket ($)
















160 (minimum 2 pax)

impala shuttle Rates Include:

  • ** Picking / Drop guests from hotel on departure day
  • ** Information about visas to any East Africa countries,
  • ** Free Drinking Water On Board Travellers